Diarrhea Planet Gets Fred Durst’s Stamp of Approval; Makes Perfect Sense

I haven’t written about these guys in a while cause, well, it kinda seemed like overkill. There was this post that lead to this post that supposively fucked these guys up WAY too much. Also, most the negative shit I was going to post felt redundant at that point. So in laymen’s term, fuck em and leave em. However, because I keep forgetting to unfollow those bedwetters at Stereogum on Twitter, I got exposed to the following picture.

Yep, that’s former hot dog eating champ Fred Durst along with weirdo guitarist Wes Borland from unarguably the worst band of the last decade, Limp Bizkit. And yeah, they’re holding a Diarrhea Planet record at some record store in Moscow. After that, I saw the reaction to it. A lot of people saw it as an endorsement; Diarrhea Planet has Fred Durst’s stamp of approval! It didn’t stop there. The band was stoked on it too, posting this on Twitter:

Picture 13

I saw this and all I could ask is “why?” Why would you go out of your way to show people that there’s a picture of Fred Durst with your record. It’s not like an endorsement from Iggy Pop or Paul McCartney as in someone who used to be great and influential but has put out horse shit for the past 20 years. Fred Durst has always put out horse shit and even when the shit wasn’t his own, he’s responsible for the following bands:


Puddle of Mudd

The Revolution Smile




I don’t know shit about producing or promoting records, but I’ve got the feeling that if my record got jocked by a guy with that kinda criminal record, I wouldn’t go out of my way to promote it. But then again, if this did happen to my band, I’d probably take a step back, realize “I’m being endorsed by the fat fuck from Limp Bizkit,” and then probably quit and get a job as a sandwich artist instead. Food for thought, at least.

Also, I’d touch on the whole “semi-wholesome takeover” these guys are trying to play on (which is about as cool as dry humping), but in case of once again sounding redundant, I think I’ll let the late great philosopher Bill Hicks sum it up: SUCKERS OF SATAN’S COCK! Each and every one of them.

2 Responses to “Diarrhea Planet Gets Fred Durst’s Stamp of Approval; Makes Perfect Sense”
  1. JamesWilson says:

    hahahahahha. this is the funniest post on here since the last DP post. Have you heard their new record? It’s a lot better than Loose Jewels (made it to track 3 on that one), but still, a diarrhea planet record. very…. blink 182/ Jeff the brotherhood meets the eruption solo.

  2. BigPharma says:

    Activate the lexapro and the antidepressants- this could cause chubs petterson to need a doctor visit. Or he may write a whole tape about you- cause your opinions don’t effect em 😉

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