Shy Guy EP Release Show Tonight at 5 Spot

I’ve been gone for a bit cause of writer’s block, work and etc., but then again, consistency is pretty boring, isn’t it? However, while I’ve been gone, I’ve been catching bits and pieces of new music that I dug but just haven’t gotten around to posting about. One of these bands is Shy Guy. How would I describe the band’s sound? Let’s say it’s a mix of OK Computer era Radiohead, bits of Tame Impala, and a few others I can’t currently put my finger on. It’s all got that “light at the end of the tunnel” psych-shoegaze vibe and it’s very cool. This has been brought up in other reviews I’ve read of these guys, but the chemistry is there and you hear how these guys just click together. Then again, it probably should be seeing as how these dudes have been playing in each other’s bands forever. Anyways, bottom line, they’re pretty damn good.

They recently put their debut EP Dreams online and plan on doing a release show tonight at the 5 Spot. They’ll play with Penicillin Baby, Rales, and the Golden Spurs. It should be a good time and I might just have to drop in for that. If my stamp of approval isn’t enough, give their EP a listen below. My current favorites are “Dreams” and “Off and On.” Make up your own damn mind below.

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