Introducing Churchyard

976394_453639958058679_1277760273_oGood news and bad news, kids. Bad news, Dead Legs is…well, dead. Since there’s been no explanation for why, I guess we’re gonna have to chalk this one up to “shit happens.” However, the good news is that my buddy Meghan D’Amico didn’t call it quits completely; instead, she took a shot of whiskey and soldiered on, writing a number of tunes since the split. In the past couple of months, she’s assembled and debuted those tunes with a new band: Churchyard.

Churchyard is Meghan, Alice, Rachel and Rebecca. They’ve been writing together for a bit, but it was only recently that they started playing shows and recording songs. But what do they sound like? That’s kind of hard to pinpoint exactly but I can assure you, all of the elements to make a great band are all there: siren-like vocals, desert-scorched guitar tones, steady drums that keep the ship from capsizing, and even violin bits in the same vein of Warren Ellis of the Dirty Three. To give the people who can’t make it to their live shows a better idea of what to expect, the band has put a couple of rough recordings on their BandCamp. Recorded by Ben Spinks (of Ben Spinks Supermelt), this batch of tunes starts off sweet with “Dollface”, builds up some steady momentum during “Hounds” and should have you completely hypnotized into the trance by the end of “Desert.” They aren’t in this game to save souls, but they certainly don’t mind stealing a few along the way.

Plans to record their debut 7″ are lined up for fall, but until then, you can catch one of their live shows. For future announcements on that, follow the band on their Facebook. Give it time and you’ll realize, this ain’t none of that Sunday school shit. These ladies are conjuring up something here and though it seems like a small flame at first, fan it enough and it might burn down the church.

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