Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Is Officially (and Unsurprisingly) Being Reissued This Fall

Picture 16Despite the seemingly pessimistic headline, I’m actually pretty stoked for this. In a sneaky move, an old promo for the record has been put up and updated with the words “September 2013.”

The bells and whistles haven’t been announced yet, but we all knew this was coming; especially after the treatment Nevermind got in 2011. It was inevitable that the powers that be would see this as a great cash-in and be obligated to do it. Hell, even Dave Grohl is now happy as ever to name drop his own old band, so what’s to stop him from promoting this shit. However, despite all of that, I am excited for the reissue. In Utero is one of my favorite albums of all time and the fact that it isn’t held in the same regard as Nevermind is criminal. It’s the sound of a band who said “fuck making another hit record, let’s make the record we want to” and pulled it off. Hell, there’s a song called “Rape Me” on there and DGC couldn’t stop it from becoming a single! Anyways, I’m not going to turn this into anymore of a fan boy post than it already is. All I’m going to say is that this record was life-changing for me and as a result, despite the corporate hang-ups that come up with these sort of deals, I’ll definitely be picking up the reissue solely because it’s such a great record. Just the standard version though, cause we know all the good extras will end up on the internet anyway. If Courtney Love thinks I’m gonna finance her drug problem, she can suck my dick (figuratively, not literally of course; that bitch is gross).

Very Ape – Nirvana

Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana

2 Responses to “Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Is Officially (and Unsurprisingly) Being Reissued This Fall”
  1. Roman says:

    most of the money goes to frances now.

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