Video Premiere: Penicillin Baby – “Jean Jam” Video

Picture 15Despite the band being active for over a year now, we never got a proper Penicillin Baby video. I mean, there was the trippy clip video for “All Dolled Up” and a couple of slick looking live videos are floating around, but we never got a proper music video. One was said to be shot at the old Zombie Shop as far back as fall of last year; however, it seemed as though as the video was abandoned as the band moved on to making more music and never mentioned it again. Until now. Forever and a day later, Penicillin Baby are now ready to unleash their video for last year’s “Jean Jam.”

Jean Jam – Penicillin Baby

Crossed with shots of the band performing, the video follows Jon’s ladyfriend, Bina, as she stockpiles creepy looking dolls in the same manner that I imagine Mitt Romney hoards “binders full of women.” She then gets frustrated and goes all Buffalo Bill on them: she busts out the gasoline and burns them to the ground while jumping for joy in the process (which is funnily enough, also how I feel the scenario with Romney’s binders full of women would have worked out). As odd of a plot outline as that sounds, it actually ends up complimenting the song perfectly. So was the video worth the wait? Yeah, but let’s hope the next one doesn’t take this long (and is one for “Private School Kids”…..just saying).

Penicillin Baby play everybody’s favorite dive bar, Springwater, this Friday, July 10th. They round out the bill with Shy Guy and Chattanooga’s Shark Week. If you still aren’t convinced these guys are worth their salt after the video above, check out a couple more of their songs below.

All Dolled Up – Penicillin Baby

Private School Kids – Penicillin Baby

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