The Arctic Monkeys Release “Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?”

Sorry I’ve been slacking on this thing lately. I’ve been busy/sick/whatever. By now, I’m sure that you’ve heard that the Arctic Monkeys are readying a new release. The album is called AM (yeah, they went all Velvet Underground on us) and it’s due out September 9th. If you’ve been paying further attention, you’ll know that they also have a gig here in Nashville October 8th, the day after the Queens of the Stone Age show. Could we possibly see a live collaboration if Queens stays in town an extra day? Probably doubtful but a boy can dream, right? So now that you’re up to speed on that, I’m assuming you’ve also heard the new single “Do I Wanna Know?” I heard it back in April and wasn’t too impressed. It sounded exactly like “R U Mine” but just slowed down to snail pace. I can honestly say it’s grown on me since and seeing as how they’re going to follow that track with “R U Mine” on the album, that could be a cool transition.

Today, they released another track for our listening pleasure. The track is entitled “Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?” Josh Homme recently called this record a “sexy after-midnight record” and with this track, I see that more and more. It definitely leaves its mark while I sit here listening to it over and over again at 4 in the morning. You can see for yourself below. Apparently a music video for this one is on the way as well. You can see their last music video for “Do I Wanna Know” below as well. Like I said, AM is due September 9th and the band is in town on October 8th. If this sickness doesn’t kill me, drop in and buy me a beer.

Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys

R U Mine – Arctic Monkeys

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