Bad Cop and Jeffery Drag Records Are Poppin Off

If you haven’t already picked it up, then you need to go ahead and buy Bad Cop’s latest endeavor The Light On EP. It’s no secret that I’ve known these dudes for a while, but honestly, this is probably the best thing they’ve done so far. With that in mind, they’ve released another addition to the “Light On Chronicles.” This short one shows the band touring the Midwest and trying to keep themselves entertained (I used to live in the Midwest; trust me aside from Chicago and parts of Saint Louis, it’s a pretty boring place) by making faux commercial for nasal spray that helps you after a night of….eh…um…hanging out with friends? Yeah, that sounds good. Let’s go with that. Check this shit out.

Also, while the band is in the midst of writing even more tunes (they stockpile songs like Tony Montana stockpiled cocaine and guns), their label, Jeffery Drag Records, has just put out yet another sampler. Highlights include Promised Land Sound’s track, Natural Child proving that they’re the town’s best Rolling Stones tribute act and Mage Tha Blackheart’s remix of Bad Cop’s “Light On.” I’ve never been a fan of remixes, but I can say with confidence that Mage’s mix smokes the shit out of the Two Fresh remix also found also on this thing. Well done. See for yourself below.

One final piece of business and then I’ll let you guys go do drugs and listen to these tunes. I can finally reveal that my in-depth interview (and that might be short selling it) with Adam is finally completed. After working out a few more minor details, the people will finally know the story of the Codeine Cowboy. But if you want something to shoot your load to til then, here’s a little snippet of what’s to come.

It’s a particularly dismal looking Friday when I agree to sit down with Adam to do an interview. I arrive at his house in South Nashville around 4:30. I’m running late because of my own laziness, but when I was informed that he’d be late too, so stress dissipates. As I approach the door, I can hear him and Alex, Bad Cop’s guitarist, talking loudly inside. As I knock, they both go silent. Adam immediately answers the door and with a half relieved smile, goes “it’s okay. It’s only Jordan.”

There was a certain tension that resumed as soon as I walked in. I could tell because as soon as Adam saw me, he acted as if he was interrupted in the middle of a critical story. I piece together the story and while I’m not allowed to reveal the details, let’s just say Adam had gotten into an intense Mexican Stand off type of situation. Let your imagination run wild on that one.

Normally, I’d be surprised, but it’s not the most shocking story I’ll hear that evening. In about 4 hours (and probably about 8 joints), Adam gives me a no punches pulled story of his life. The best of times and the worst of times. In a lot of ways, it’s the coming of age story that is too fucked up for John Hughes to direct. It’s the story of how an outcast, shoveled away by society, beat the odds and gave those who were dealt better cards a run for their money. It’s the kind of success story that most parents wouldn’t tell their kids for fear of absolute anarchy, because unlike what they were raised to believe, sometimes anarchy really works. It’s the story of Nashville’s own: Adam Moult, the Codeine Cowboy.

More to come soon.

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