Cage the Elephant Premiere New Single, “Come A Little Closer”

It’s hard to believe it’s been two and a half years since Cage the Elephant put out a new record. It feels like just yesterday that Thank You, Happy Birthday was getting ready to be released. This may be due to the fact that ever since the release, the band has been touring heavily as well as putting on Starry Nights Festival in Bowling Green, KY. And while I vaguely remember hearing some of their new tunes at said festival (and I can’t emphasis the word vaguely enough; that weekend ended roughly), I think I remember liking what I heard. They teased a new song last week, along with an October release date. Now, they’ve revealed the title of the album, Melophobia, as well as the latest single, “Come a Little Closer.”

Nowadays, it seems extremely cliche and worn out to say a band’s new song sounds more grown up, but since there seems to be no better way to say it, sometimes you gotta call a spade a spade. The song sounds like the band is stepping into part two of their career and embracing the natural progression that happens sonically along with that. It is more grown up, but they’re showing that it’s not a bad thing. Plus, from the couple of times I’ve hung out with these guys, I can tell you that they are FAR from getting ready to stop having fun.

The band’s playing Bridgestone September 6th. As much as I’d like to poney up money to go, it turns out they’re opening for Muse. Sorry dudes. I support ya and all, but I’m not giving those Rage Against the Machine/Queen wannabes money they definitely don’t need. I’ll catch them on the next tour, but anyone with extra cash should try and go.

One Response to “Cage the Elephant Premiere New Single, “Come A Little Closer””
  1. Jen says:

    I honestly can’t wait to hear a more mature Cage the Elephant. I have high hopes for this album! Already pre-ordered. 🙂

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