The Shine Brothers Rule and They’re Playing Nashville Next Monday

I had no idea who these guys were until about a week ago. My buddy Terri was cool enough to turn me onto their stuff just recently. I finally got around to listening to their album, Hello Griefbirds!, yesterday morning. I haven’t really stopped listening to it since. The band has an ex-member of the Black Angels in it, but their sounds are on different ends of the psychedelic spectrum. While the Black Angels are constantly paying homage to the 13th Floor Elevators and the Velvet Underground, the Shine Brothers’ brand of psychedelic comes from a mix of Kaleidoscope, The Creation (which is also one of the names of their songs) and a bit of Zeppelin.

In laymen’s terms, it’s pretty good shit. The band is set to play the Exit In on Monday, August 12th. I just might have to show up and see it for myself. There’s not a whole lot of ways to hear the album without buying it, and since no one’s uploaded my favorite songs off of it (“Creation” and “Drug Dogs” are ace), you guys are stuck with the other track off their bandcamp, “Silver Knife.” The track’s not chopped liver though. Enjoy it and the tour poster with all the remaining dates. Knock yourself out, kids.

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