The Director’s Cut of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” Has Been Released

Picture 6There’s nothing more I can say about Nirvana that hasn’t been reiterated over and over and over again. Personally, I can talk about the band until the cows come home or the beer runs out, but since I have no beer on me, I’ll save that for later. If you don’t know, the big wigs are getting ready to reissue In Utero, the band’s final album and my personal favorite. To “celebrate” (which really means to them, ca$h in), the label has released the director’s cut video for “Heart-Shaped Box.” There’s not a whole lot different in this version compared to the original, except they cut out the scene of Kurt laying in a field of poppies while smokes comes out of his mouth. You can probably figure out why. Anyways, if I haven’t stated before, this is probably my favorite Nirvana song. From the melodies to the lyrics to the way the band plays it, I think it’s one of the very few perfect songs ever written and I still wonder why it wasn’t bigger than “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Oh well. I’ll stop fanboy-ing it now and let you guys watch the video. Okay, I lied. One more interesting fact: they shot all of the footage you see in the background (the poppies, the cross, the trees, etc.) and then went back and traced over it all to give the video an animated/dream feel to it. How fucking cool is that?

Heart-Shaped Box (Director’s Cut) – Nirvana

Also, if anyone wants to buy me the vinyl reissue of this album when it’s released in September, all callers are standing by and waiting for your donations.

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