The Icarus Line Make A Video For “No Money Music”

Apparently the Icarus Line have been doing fairly well recently. Their new album, Slave Vows, keeps getting (well-deserved) great reviews and it appears that they’re planning to do some extensive touring in the UK and the USA in the near future. There’s probably a snowball’s chance in hell that they’ll even consider playing Nashville (the last time they did was 2004), but I guess all we can really do is wait and hope. While we wait, the band has put out a video for the track “No Money Music.” The track has a throbbing bassline with occasional violent outbursts from singer Joe Cardamone and the guitar track. Together, the two build up together and cultivate into a final, quick death blow. The video follows this concept to a T, showing nothing more than two youngins drinking and getting it on in the bathroom, only for it to take an unexpected turn before the end. Ah, to be young, dumb, and fucking around with psychotic chicks again. Weren’t those the days? You can see for yourself below, as well a fan video for another great track off the new one, “Rat’s Ass.”

No Money Music – The Icarus Line

Rat’s Ass – The Icarus Line

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