Watch Spiritualized Soundtrack One of the Culkin Boys’s Messed Up Life With “I Am What I Am”

Despite calling off the large North American tour we were promised for earlier this year, Spiritualized have been popping up and playing dates here and there. Last time I checked, the band’s latest, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, is still a great album and in order to remind us, J. Spacemen and crew have released a new video for their new single, “I Am What I Am.” Personally, it’s one of my favorite tracks on the record; if the infectious groove the song carries doesn’t get you, the lyrics will. Seriously, how cool is the line “I am the mishap and coincidence that came out exactly as you planned”? Like any truly phenomenal song, it’s great for those late night drives on the highway when all you’ve got is an album and a full pack of cigarettes. Sound corny? Fuck off and give the track a listen for yourself. The video below stars the Culkin brother that played Igby. Like a lot of Spiritualized videos, it’s not for the light stomached. Hell, I have to wonder if this is what happens to all the Culkin brothers when they reach the age where they stop being cute and start being…well, just creepy.

Click on the photo below and it’ll will redirect you to where you can watch the video. I know, it’s pretty lame to be the middleman, but blame WordPress for being sketchy about embedding movies not found on Youtube.

Picture 1

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