Take Notes, Nashville: The Icarus Line Is The Last Real Punk Band

I’ve talked at length about how much I dig the Icarus Line already. If you haven’t heard their music, you should cause it rules, but aside from their tunes, I’m convinced that they are probably the last punk band around. Why? Because they simply don’t give a fuck. Let me explain.

A few nights ago, the band opened for the Cult in Los Angeles. Both bands toured together last year and I guess while the Cult was passing through LA, they decided to hit up the Icarus Line to be the opener. About last year at this time, I saw an interview with frontman Joe Cardamone and in it, he said that the tour with the Cult invoked a love-hate relationship with the crowd; like a true tough skinned motherfucker, he said that he didn’t mind the hate because he could take it and use it. From what I’ve read so far, the band put the money where their mouth is the other night.

From what I can piece together from Buddyhead, Twitter and the band itself (all of which you can read for yourself on Buddyhead’s Twitter), fans of the Cult weren’t down with Cardamone and crew from the get-go; “fuck you’s” and birds were flipped even before the band played their first note. After one song (and enduring taunts & thrown ice cubes), the band decided to give the crowd a taste of it’s own medicine. They launched into a whooping 35+ minute feedback jam. Apparently it was modeled after the Stooges’ “L.A. Blues” but it was more of a “fuck you” to the crowd than an actual ode to Iggy. The band left the crowd more pissed off than they were in the beginning and to me, that’s fucking cool.

L.A. Blues – the Stooges

UPDATE: Travis Keller/Joe Cardamone have now posted footage of the full on sonic assault that the band launched on the audience. It’s fucking great.

Why do I bring this up and dedicate a whole post to a show recap for a show that I was miles away from? Well, maybe it has to do with the show I saw last Monday at the Exit/In. I’m not gonna name names, but if you’re smart, you can piece it together. A certain Nashville blog held a certain show on Labor Day and more or less advertised it as a punk show for the “young people” (p.s. if you’re under the age of 30 and use that term, go fuck yourself). Out of the five bands that played, four of them were playing under the guise of being “punk.” Out of the four, only two of them actually sounded punk (and I’ll name those so there’s no confusion later: Sex Cult and the Oblivions). The other two (who are based out of Nashville) have paraded under the punk moniker at all of their shows. They sometimes wear leather jackets, play songs with three-power chords, shout into their microphones and play fast. They do all this……and completely miss the point.

Let me clarify and say that I’m not an expert on punk, but I can spot the fakers. You know, the kids who can’t write songs or melodies so they dress themselves up in worn down clothes and call themselves “punk” to make up for it. They play dress up and completely miss the point that punk is not a certain way to write songs or a way you dress: it’s a response. It’s an attitude that says “love us or hate us, we’ll still play. If you get in the way of it, you’ll get fucked up.” That’s what separates the Icarus Line from these so-called punk bands in Nashville. A Nashville punk band would have played the show straight through or cut it short to please the crowd. They wouldn’t make waves because they’re afraid to. There can’t be fear of being hated in a punk band, cause then it’s not punk, is it?

Long story short, the Icarus Line might be the last punk because they’re not a style. They’re a response. They’ve announced a slew of dates recently (none of which come through here) but if you’re in the area, you know what you should do.



13th – Los Angeles, CA – Fonda Theater w/ Primal Scream

17th – Las Vegas, NV – Triple B

18th – San Diego, CA – Void

21st – Seattle, WA – El Corozon

22nd – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre

23rd – Eugene, OR – WOW Hall

24th – Reno (Sparks), NV – The Alley

25th – San Francisco, CA – Café Du Nord

27th – Pomona, CA – Glasshouse

Junkadelic – The Icarus Line

This one goes out to the bands I’m talking about:

Up Against the Wall, Motherfuckers – the Icarus Line

One Response to “Take Notes, Nashville: The Icarus Line Is The Last Real Punk Band”
  1. “You know, the kids who can’t write songs or melodies so they dress themselves up in worn down clothes and call themselves “punk” to make up for it. They play dress up and completely miss the point that punk is not a certain way to write songs or a way you dress: it’s a response. ”

    WHIT SMITH- cruising around in dads hundred k car while keeping it SUPER PUNK.
    all of these fools are guilty. Charge infinity cat with being fake, pretending to be poor, and being bad at music, all of their bands suck dick except for pujol and natural child, no wonder they left the fucking label. The only “artist” in that crew was Pujol, and i feel terrible he’s paired with such terrible band mates and musicians.

    FUCK CY BARKELY- not the guy (well sorta fuck the dude) but FUCK THAT BAND. THE WORST BAND EVER.

    like seth sutton said “fuck these fake nashville punks”.
    and like jay retard said “nashville is a city with a bunch of rich kids, with rich parents in the music industry, none of it is real.”

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