Promised Land Sound Debut “Empty Vase,” Debut LP Due September 24th

I thought I reported this earlier but I guess forgot. Honestly, I keep forgetting that this band’s debut album is coming out this month. It’s not because they don’t kick ass or anything (they do), but I guess the years of alcoholism are finally doing a number on my memory. Anyways, the newly christianed Promised Land Sound (formerly known as Promised Land) is set to release their self-titled debut September 24th via Paradise of Bachelors and today, they have a new song for us to hear. The song’s called “Empty Vase” and it’s yet another great addition to these dudes’ discography. In fact, as much as I love their track “Fuck Cancer,” this might be my new favorite track of theirs. It’s got swing, it’s got soul, it’s got fucking rock ‘n’ roll. If you don’t believe me, open your own ears and give it a listen below. Like I said, the new album is due out September 24th. Don’t sleep on it, kids.

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