Bass Drum of Death Release New Video, Coming Back to Nashville Next Month

Picture 10This video is a week old by now, but if you haven’t seen it already, you’re welcome. I’ve backed Bass Drum of Death a couple of times, but if you haven’t picked up their self-titled LP that came out back in June, you’re missing out on one of the best collections of tunes that’s been released this year. Frontman John Barrett intrinsically knows how to write good songs and this track is no exception to that. The video is also killer, because…well, sometimes it’s just fun to see people do bad things, now isn’t it? It helps if said person doing bad things happens to be a hot chick too, but who’s counting, right?

 Bad Reputation – Bass Drum of Death

Also, I didn’t read too much into how this album was made, but the press release I got has a very interesting story behind this track. It’s so interesting that I can’t help but share it:

With nothing but his inspiration and his instruments, Barrett spent the fall of 2012 in his studio, smashing out punk rock. This time it was just him, lots of coffee, a Realistic reverb unit to give everything just a little of that stoned-in-outer-space and for the first time in Bass Drum of Death history, a bass that he used on every new track. Why? Because why not, says Barrett: “I don’t ever wanna feel stuck, like, ‘I can’t put bass on this because I didn’t do that before.'”

He wrote, re-wrote, played, re-played and recorded each of the songs and then took them out for vigorous testing: “My car has the worst sound system ever,” he says. “If I can get it to sound good in my car … that’s pretty good.” And then when he was thought he was finally finished with his album, he went to the bar to celebrate. Except there was one last riff he couldn’t get out of his head while he was nursing his drink, so he raced home, did that out-of-nowhere song start to finish in three hours and made it back before last call. “Now,” he remembers thinking, “NOW I’m done!”

Lucky for all of us, Bass Drum of Death is returning to Nashville in the near future (October 15th at the Mercy Lounge to be exact) with Hanni El Khatib. I don’t know too much about Hanni, but he was pretty good when I saw him open for the Black Angels earlier this year. With that in mind, I’m sure it’ll be a great show. Peep the other dates via the tour poster.

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