Western Medication Debut “Reflections of the Sun”

After some down time, it looks like the dudes in Western Medication are trying to make sure we all know they are still alive. First, it was their brilliant video for “Problems in D.C.” that made its debut a few weeks ago. Then out of nowhere, they announced AND released a new single yesterday, called “Reflections of the Sun.” The single, produced by Lincoln Parish, has been released digitally and is apart of Jeffery Drag’s digital release program, “The Drag.” At first, I thought the track was just okay cause I’m more used to stuff from them like “The Painted World” or the previously mentioned “Problems in D.C.”. After a couple of listens, the track does become a grower. It’s a new sound for these guys and they’re breaking it in. I think JLando said it best so I’ll let him speak for himself:

  I love variety in my music. I want to write the kind of music that makes people wonder what the mood or vibe will be on our songs and then I want to pull the rug out from under them right when they think they have it figured out. Dark, happy, slow, fast. Variety is the spice of life. I don’t know. I started getting pretty sick of the same old “garage rock” sound a couple years back. There’s a mold to that style of music and it’s really uninspiring. Don’t get me wrong it can still be badass but a lot of that sound isn’t really pushing rock music to new ground. It’s been done. And its 2013! The archive of music that people have access to is incredible but if you’re not willing to make music that’s pushing past the routine formula then you’re probably boring yourself and the audience around you. Rock 101; keep pushing away from the norm. There’s no room for that in punk rock. One thing though that the great garage rock bands do have is showmanship and attitude. They aren’t worried about missing a note or breaking a string. That just means an opportunity to do something off the wall and inspiring. The best bands know how to live in the moment on stage.

There’s also a video for the song that Justin shot/directed/edited/fucked/what have you. It’s pretty dope. Check it out below. The song is available on iTunes and a 7″ is expected early next year. They’ve got a limited number of tour dates coming up. Seeing how sparse they’ve been playing live lately, you probably shouldn’t sleep on these dates if you want to see them in action. Check them out.

9/28 – Springwater w/Tyvek – Nashville, TN

10/17 – The Other Basement – Nashville, TN

10/18 – TBA – Birmingham, AL

11/08 – TBA- Memphis, TN

Reflections of the Sun – Western Medication

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