The Brian Jonestown Massacre Preview New Album

I think everyone I’ve shown Dig! or Take It Back From the Man! to has become an instant fan of Anton Newcombe and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Hell, when a band’s this consistently good, it’s hard not to wanna join the cult. Lately, Anton lives out in Berlin and from what Twitter tells me, he’s been working on another BJM album. I’ve been following the progress of it since he started posting demos back in May. From what I can tell, the demos are mix of the old and the new; a lot of the songs sound like they could have been on Take It Back From the Man! but mixed with elements of Aufheben, the band’s last effort. Anyways, I’m gonna level with you guys and say that I’m too hungover to really go into full detail, but Anton has posted a playlist of the album’s demos. He says they’re rough as hell, but I’m a couple of songs in and I find them enjoyable. You can listen for yourself with the link below. I’ve picked out a couple of my favorites and posted the Youtube vids of them below that as well. Good shit is on the way, kids. Hurry up and join the cult.

BJM New Album Playlist

demo number nine – Brian Jonestown Massacre

demo 23 (take 2) – Brian Jonestown Massacre

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