Spindrift Release New Album, Hit Nashville Next Month

Speaking of spaghetti western bands, Spindrift’s new album came out today as well. My first encounter with this band was when they opened for the Black Angels at the Exit In back in 2011 (which was probably the best “psych” show I’ve ever seen). They were the first spaghetti western band that I got to see live and boy, did they make an impression with pounding drums, Indian chants and extended jams that blew my mind. I was waiting for Clint Eastwood to walk in and draw on me! Since then, I’ve been a cafeteria fan of theirs for a while (as in, I’ll occasionally listen to some of their tunes on YouTube, but am far too lazy to go out and buy an album). However, this new track called “The Matador and the Fuzz” clicks pretty well and definitely makes me want to hear the rest. So to whom it concerns (Spindrift’s PR), send me the album and let’s do cool shit like an interview or at very least, some drinking when you guys roll through town on November 3rd. But that’s later. For now, check out the new track along with a host of new tour dates below.

Oct. 23—The Echo—Los Angeles, California
Oct. 25—Beauty Bar—Las Vegas, Nevada
Oct. 26—Garage On Beck—Salt Lake City, Utah
Oct. 27—Buckhorn Bar—Laramie, Wyoming
Oct. 28—The Walnut Roomz—Denver, Colorado
Oct. 29—Low Spirits—Albuquerque, New Mexico
Oct. 31—Frank—Austin, Texas
Nov. 1—Siberia—New Orleans, Louisiana
Nov. 2—Star Bar—Atlanta, Georgia
Nov. 3—The Crying Wolf—Nashville, Tennessee
Nov. 4—Mothlight—Asheville, North Carolina
Nov. 5—Tremont Music Hall—Charlotte, North Carolina
Nov. 6—Black Whiskey—Washington, DC
Nov. 7—Golden West Café—Baltimore, Maryland
Nov. 8—Glasslands—Brooklyn, New York
Nov. 9—Kung Fu Necktie—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nov. 11—Lee’s Palace—Toronto, Ontario
Nov. 12—Lager House—Detroit, Michigan

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