The Arctic Monkeys Premiere New Vid for “One for the Road”

Picture 2

The Monkeys are at it again. If you missed out on their show about 2 weeks ago, you missed out on probably one of the best shows I’ve seen all year. No joke. In regards to musicianship, songwriting and showmanship, the Arctic Monkeys gave the Queens show I saw the night before a run for their money. Not saying that one’s better than the other (cause Queens does smoke these guys in the grand scheme of things), but Alex Turner and co. have DEFINITELY benefited from being taught by Josh Homme. Anyways, the band has just released a new music video for their new single, “One for the Road.” The song and video aren’t exactly my favorites, but they definitely have their cool moments, especially towards the end. Personally, I would have rather them made a music video for the Sabbath-influenced track “Arabella,” but until these Brits come to their senses and hire me to tell them what to do and drink their beer, this will have to do. Check out the video below along with “Arabella” as well. If you get a chance to see them, don’t hesitate.

One for the Road – the Arctic Monkeys

Arabella – the Arctic Monkeys

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