Crocodiles Drop “Teardrop Guitar” Video

Picture 1San Diego’s Crocodiles made their Nashville debut a few nights ago at the High Watt. I’ve been a fan since Sleep Forever and always wanted to see them live, but I couldn’t without making at least a 4 hour drive. It was well worth the wait though cause they blistered through a fucking killer set. Despite the low attendance number (it doesn’t matter how great a band is; for some reason, the High Watt is cursed with low attendance numbers) the band came armed to the teeth with loud drums, a half-mad guitarist, a cute chick on keys, a steady bassist, and a proper frontman. It was definitely one of the best shows I’ve seen all year.

They dropped a video for “Teardrop Guitar” a while ago, but here it is now. If you haven’t bought their latest, Crimes of Passion, I’ve tacked on two of my other favorite tracks off of it below. Quit blowing it and pick it up already.

Teardrop Guitar – Crocodiles

Heavy Metal Clouds – Crocodiles

Me and My Machine Gun – Crocodiles

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