David Bowie Premieres $12.99 Video for James Murphy’s Remix of “Love Is Lost”

If you missed the news, everyone’s favorite weirdo David Bowie teased fans yesterday, saying there would be some big announcement coming soon. Instead of doing what everyone expected (touring), he…..well….pulled a David Bowie and gave us something completely different. What we got instead was a new music video for James Murphy’s remix of the song “Love is Lost.” Honestly, I’m not a  huge fan of the remix (or many remixes in general) cause it kinda removes the cool desperation of the original track. However, what really makes this video interesting is that Bowie claims it was the cheapest music video produced as it cost only a mere $12.99 to produce. Then again, he is David Bowie so I’m sure all the shit in the video was already laying around his house, but whatever. I’m nitpicking now. Make up your own damn mind below. The extended version of his latest album, The Next Day, is out November 5th. Check out the video, the original song and the music video for the title track below.

Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich mix by James Murphy) – David Bowie

Love is Lost – David Bowie

The Next Day – David Bowie

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