Kanye West Gets Interviewed By Bret Easton Ellis

Apparently, Kanye West and Bret Easton Ellis have been hanging out a bit. Ellis wrote a commercial for Kanye’s album Yeezus while Kanye recut Ellis’s trailer for his film “The Canyons” (too bad he couldn’t recut the whole movie). Now there’s talk of the two working together on a film project. While Ellis is one of my favorite writers, I’d be more excited if he hadn’t put out manure for the past 10 years (I couldn’t finish Imperial Bedrooms even though Less Than Zero is one of my favorite books…what the fuck happened?). Then again, he did create Patrick Batemen, so to see Kanye in a type of role like that would be fucking hilarious. Anyways, time will tell and for now, all we have is this podcast that Ellis is trying to get off the ground. His first guest is Kanye and they talk about movies, culture and how Kanye can’t spell “genius.” Despite this, Kanye proves he’s an articulate and passion individual who happens to need to tell someone to fuck off every once in a while. I can’t speak for everyone, but I certainly can relate. Check out the podcast below. See ya in two weeks, Kanye!

Hear the Podcast here. Right Click “Save As” To Download the Fucker

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