Dax Riggs Plays the Exit/In December 6th

Despite being a casual fan of his for about 4 years now, I’ve never seen Dax Riggs live. It’s almost hard to believe because I know that since he’s been here 6 times since 2010. Yet, despite these frequent visits, I’ve alway managed to miss him due to one stupid reason or another. What can I say? I’m a fuck up. However, it looks like I might have a shot at redemption yet as I’ve just found out that he is going to be in town this week.

If you don’t know Dax Riggs, I’ll try and keep it simple and say he’s great stoner rock. He’s got a couple of heavy tunes that have catchy hooks that are not easily forgotten. Hell, I haven’t listened to this song fully in about a year, but I still mange to get the chorus stuck in my head from time to time.

Let Me Be Your Cigarette – Dax Riggs

It’s not complicated. There’s not much more to it besides the fact that it’s good. With this in mind, I’m definitely going to try and redeem myself by checking out his live act. The show is December 6th at the Exit In. Tickets are $12. Stop by and let’s get a beer at Goldrush before hand (cause let’s face it, the Exit In charges way too much for beer when there’s a perfectly good bar right across the street that allows smoking inside. I’m fucking sold). Anyways, check out a couple more of Dax’s tunes below.

Say Goodnight to the World – Dax Riggs

Gravedirt on My Blue Suede Shoes – Dax Riggs

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