Nine Inch Nails Release Incredible Tour Footage

Picture 19Say what you want about Trent Reznor and his musical output, but when it comes to putting on a show, homeboy does it like no other. Even if I’m not as into them as I was when I was about 16, I picked up tickets for their Nashville show mostly out of nostalgia and I’m really happy that I did. Reznor and co. launched into a full on sonic and visual assault that blew my mind. Impressed doesn’t cut it; I was dumbfounded. Plus, the dude convinced Lisa Fischer (yep, same one who tours with the Stones regularly) to be one of his backing singers. Good call, Reznor. Anyways, if you want a taste of what I saw, someone at the NIN camp has uploaded part of their performance in Los Angeles. Apparently, they’re planning to release the whole thing on DVD this upcoming spring. See what all the hype’s about. If you just want the visual highlights, check out the video at 21:53, 27:55, 38:50, 44:15, and 57:15.

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