Devendra Banhart’s Music Videos Are WAY Better Than His Actual Music

Picture 20If you couldn’t tell, I’m not exactly a fan of Devendra Banhart’s gig. He’s just too much of a hippie for me and it washes over into his music. As Primal Scream once said, “KILL ALL HIPPIES.” However, I recently was exposed to the music video for “Taurobolium.” I doubted that it could be any good, but boy, was I wrong. The animated video follows a pair of fucked up ducks navigating their way on a cold, psychedelic trip through Hollywood. It’s got a late 60’s midnight movie vibe to it that I’m digging the hell out of. The song’s not bad either. I’m not saying I’m gonna start showing up at his hippie shows now or anything like that, but the music does serve the video pretty well. Anyways, some things are better seen than told, so check out the video for yourselves below.

Taurobolium – Devendra Banhart

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