Nashville’s Chillin’ Presents: A Holiday Stocking Stuffer with Bad Cop, Turbo Fruits, Blackfoot Gypsies, and Gunther Doug

I don’t get people who don’t dig the holidays. Why would you be so opposed to a time where you can be drunk for a month and a half and it doesn’t count as being an alcoholic? It falls under the umbrella phrase “being festive” and therefore deemed socially acceptable. Learn to enjoy it, you uncreative motherfuckers. If you need an excuse to kick off said festivities, this is just the event for that. Taking place this Wednesday at the Elberta Mansion, a house show is going down. The sick line up includes Bad Cop, Turbo Fruits, The Blackfoot Gypsies and Gunther Doug, and to sweeten the already sweetened pot, the price of admission ($5 at 8PM, $7 after 10 PM) gets you access to the beer bar. Further perks to the gig include:

. Christmas Decorations
. Tino’s Hot Dogs
. Sound Forest Non-Profit
. Raffle for 2 tickets to Marathon Music Works on NYE
Doesn’t sound too bad, right? So c’mon out this Wednesday for what’s sure to be a good time. Peep the address, the Facebook event page, and some of videos from the bands below.

Address: 318 Elberta St. Nashville, Tn

Light On – Bad Cop

Where the Stars Don’t Shine – Turbo Fruits

Don’t Know About You – Blackfoot Gypsies

Solar Trader – Gunther Doug

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  1. […] Like I said earlier, if you hate the holidays, you’re obviously not drinking enough. But don’t worry, there are plenty of holiday parties to help you find a way to disguise your drinking problem. This one is on a Friday for all of you unfortunate fucks who can’t make it to the show at the Elberta Mansion. […]

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