Bonfire Beach Make One Hell of a Debut Album

I never used to get why people didn’t dig Magic Wands when they were based out of Nashville. My theory is that it’s because the city didn’t give the band a chance to grow; Aloha Moon sounds A LOT better and more realized than some of their older demos from the Nashville era. Plus, Nashville really isn’t cool with anything aside from the standard garage rock rehashes, so fuck it. Either way, I enjoy Magic Wands, so I was more than eager to hear their frontwoman Dexy Valentine’s new project, Bonfire Beach.

At first, I thought this was a new direction, but according to a press release via Buddyhead, these songs have been on the back burner for quite some time. It was only recently that Dexy decided to revisit these tunes and tweak her old ideas with undertones of her new ones. While Magic Wands is well done synth pop shot straight into space, this sounds more like Dexy crashing back onto the streets of LA, picking up a louder guitar and finishing unfinished business. It’s a record packed with sharp guitar riffs that radiate like heat waves while Dexy’s sweet voice and melodies seduce you into her dark, but strangely appealing version of LA. Isn’t that what every good rock n roll record does though? It makes the strange and dark seem more appealing than the shit that’s held directly up to the light.

Is the record anything new or groundbreaking? Not really, but it’s not trying to be. What it’s trying to be is a collection of hypnotic rock n roll songs that will send you out into the night in search of fresh blood. And it does that very well.

Long story short, I dig it and recommend that it be given a better chance than Nashville gave Magic Wands. The record is out on Buddyhead Records December 17th. You can hear the whole thing below via Soundcloud.

Favorites include: “Paradise Inn”, “Black Tinted Moonlight”, “Electric Ocean”, “Voices in the Trees”

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