Majestico Ready “When Kingdom Come” LP For February 2014

Picture 25Well, this is a great surprise. I never know what’s going on with this band; maybe it’s because all of the members are immersed in other side projects (Fly Golden Eagle, the Alabama Shakes, etc) or that they only play a few (but great) live shows every once in a while and haven’t really committed much to tape. Well, I guess that’s about to finally change. Yesterday, the band announced a new album, When Kingdom Come, with a release date of February 11th, 2014. Aside from the clever kung-fu/spaghetti-western styled trailer, we don’t know what songs will appear on the album. However, since the ATO Record Club is putting the fucker out in a little more than a month, at least we don’t have too wait to long to find out. Check out the trailer below as well as their last single, “Love is God” below. I’ve got a good feeling about this one, kids. Buy into the hype, drink the kool-aid, etc.

When Kingdom Come (Album Trailer) – Majestico

Love is God – Majestico

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