Watch: Powerful Documentary on Nick Drake: “A Skin Too Few”

We idolize lonely souls in music. We do. Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, Elliott Smith, etc, etc. We idolize these musicians not just because they’ve written good songs or that they’re dead, but because they’ve created something that transcends death; their words and music carry on past this plane of existence and teach us to carry on as well. It’s how one’s soul lives forever. What makes Nick Drake different from the others listed above is that he never saw his work gain the recognition it truly deserved. He never got to play rockstar, whether that involved being blissed out in the corner on expensive drugs or even playing a sold out show. Instead, Nick Drake was tragically lost even before he died due to his battle with mental illness. Depression would eventually completely take him, but what he left behind was something that made his legacy timeless: three masterpiece records. As one voiceover opens the film “once you’ve discovered Nick, you’re gonna tell other people.” Well, if I haven’t already told you about how great Nick Drake was, here it is in the form of Jeroen Berkvens’ brilliant documentary “A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake.” Told mostly from the perspective of Nick’s older sister, Gabrielle, the film attempts to give insight into the silent and mysterious genius that is Nick Drake. It’s only a mere 47 minutes long, but like Nick Drake’s life, you’re gonna wish it went on a lot longer. See for yourself below.

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