The Growlers Release “Beach Goth Party II Comp” For Free

Picture 28A little more than a week after I posted footage of their Beach Goth Party gig from 2012, the Growlers are at it again. This time, they’ve worked with frequent collaborators, Burger Records, to put out a compilation of some of the bands who appeared at last year’s Beach Goth Party II. Why should you give two shits, you ask? Hold up you impatient asshole, I was just getting to that part. You should care because: a) it’s free, b) it’s got some decent bands on there, c) it’s 24 tracks long and d) it’s fucking free. Do the math. You’ve got nothing to lose except an email address and if you’re really compelled, you can buy the cassette from the website as well. Personally, I think cassettes suck and are a medium that needs to stay dead, but that’s just my unhumble opinion. Click the link below and the site will lead you through the rest. Enjoy.

CLICK HERE to download the Beach Goth Party II Compilation

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