Nobunny Returns to Nashville with the Hussy February 22nd

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there simply are not enough madmen in the music world today. I don’t know if its cuz everyone is gobbling down anti-depressants like good children or whether the collective have been chemically neutered in some other way, but there aren’t a lot of shit kickers in the music industry nowadays. One of the few antidotes to this comes in the form of a man wearing a bunny mask. It’s been almost 3 years since Justin Champlin’s id Nobunny played Springwater. This was the only date I remember that followed his infamous show at Third Man Records, in which he arrived late and reportedly hungover after spending the night in jail. Like a true showman, he pushed on but aside from that and the show at Springwater, it’s like he’s made a point to skip Nashville lately. However, it also looks like he’s seeking to rectify his absence by not only playing a show, but playing a show with some other shit-kickers I know by the name of the Hussy! Yep, this circus of insanity is currently on the road at the moment, but promises to stop into Nashville on February 22nd where they’ll play the End. Tickets are on sale now so don’t be an idiot.

Blow Dumb – Nobunny

Woodland Creatures – The Hussy


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