Hear Majestico’s “When Kingdom Come” LP in Full

It feels like it’s been close to eternity since Majestico has released anything tangible, and I’m saying that even though his last single was put out on Jeffery Drag Records probably a year and a half ago. I’ve had benders that have lasted longer than that, but it still feels like a while, doesn’t it? Well, we’re about a week now from the physical release of When Kingdom Come (on ATO Records), and it appears that some good Samaritan has leaked the whole thing on ATO’s Soundcloud a week early. It’s available for your listening pleasure now while supplies last, so give it a listen before someone pulls it. I’m halfway through it myself as I’m typing and though I’ve heard all of these songs over the past 5 years, I fully expect the number of reported pregnancies to increase dramatically on February 11th after this fucker drops. Majestico’s gonna make your girl get pregnant. Be safe, kids. Wear three condoms: two on your cock, one on your head. It’s the only way to be safe these days.

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