Austin Psych Fest 2014 Announces 2nd Line Up

Good news and bad news kids. Bad news first: Primal Scream has dropped off of Austin Psych Fest 2014. While the details aren’t out yet, the band seems to have canceled their entire American run for 2014 and are keeping tight lipped about it. Sucks for me, cause I think that was probably the closest I’ll ever get to seeing those old fucks live. However, while this was a punch in the gut, this next announcement was like getting free whisky after the fact. The infamous Brian Jonestown Massacre have been tapped to fill in and my earlier predictions be damned, they’ve agreed to. Fucking A! I had completely ruled out the idea of them even playing, but now that it’s official, fuck – sometimes I like it when I’m wrong! Not a lot, but this is the rare exception.

Anyways, I’m ranting now. The official line up is above. According to the Black Angels, there are still many more bands to come. Me and my buddy Nick have got our tickets and are set to make the pilgrimage the first weekend of May. Who’s coming with?

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