Death Ready Third Unreleased Album, “Death III”, Debut New Single

If you haven’t heard about the lost band, Death, I’ll give you a short rundown and then leave it to you to use your Netflix for good for once and watch the documentary, A Band Called Death. Basically, back in 70’s, the brothers Hackney started the first black punk band out of Detroit. Despite recording a bunch of tunes, they barely released anything and then called it quits after being a band for five years. In the long interim between this and the reunion, one of the brothers died from lung cancer. Since they have reunited, they have been steadily releasing all of their old material that they kept in their basement. 2009 saw the release of their debut …For the Whole World To See, which was met with acclaim, followed by 2011’s Spiritual – Mental – Physical. All releases were on Drag City and the band has finally started to get their long overdue recognition.

Now, the band has announced that they will release yet another archived album on April 22nd. They’re going Led Zeppelin on us and calling it Death III. To seal the deal, they’re let out another single, called “North St,” which is basically about getting screwed over by various people on the eponymous street over tight wound instrumentation. The paranoia is contagious; Shit, I’m not even doing anything illegal at the moment, but while listening to this track, I fully expected the cops to bust in and arrest me for no reason. Catch the disease and give the track a listen for yourself below.

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