The Black Lips Debut Track “Justice After All”

As the release date of their new album, Underneath the Rainbow, draws nearer and nearer, the Black Lips are dropping more tracks from it on us. The latest addition is one called “Justice After All.” It’s steady beat makes it a head nodder, while it’s dirty, yet reflective melodies make it pretty catchy. In layman’s terms, it’s a song to chain smoke cigarettes to on the drive home after a long shitty day at work. Or maybe I’m just projecting there, but isn’t that what music is about: applying tunes to your own shitty predicaments so that they help you soldier on?

Unforturnately, the shitheads over at Vice Records made the track only available to major news outlets such as Consequence of Sound, Pitchfork, NME, and etc. You know, basically all the shit rags run by cookie cutters with fake credibility but without this important thing called TASTE. Anyways, check out the track by following the link below. Sorry to middleman you guys, but I guess that’s just the way those “punks” at Vice operate…no wonder the band is eager to get off the label after this album (or so I hear).

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: “Justice After All” – The Black Lips

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