The Pink Mountaintops Premiere New Track, Announce New LP

Despite this band being an off-shoot of Black Mountain, if you’re a fan of the Canadian riffers, you might not dig this. However, if you’re a fan of Black Mountain AND Giant Drag or Annie Hardy in general, you’ll probably love it. I had heard of the Pink Mountaintops before, but hadn’t really looked into them. I’m a big fan of Black Mountain, whose members comprise this band, along with the help of people from other bands you know and love like Sleepy Sun, Cold War Kids, the Black Angels, the Warlocks and more. I decided to give them a shot when I heard they were enlisting the help of Joe Cardamone of the Icarus Line as well as Annie Hardy of Giant Drag and that they had debuted a new track last week. Titled “North Hollywood Microwaves,” the track is……well, if I say interesting, there will already be a number of people turned off because I didn’t say it was good to begin with. Fuck it, if you’ve read it this far without pushing the play button, you might as well stick it out with me. The track is interesting in that Annie Hardy raps on it. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “A white chick from California rapping on a track? There is no way this could be good.” If you had told me that a bit ago, I would have agreed with you. But, what makes this so interesting is that I get the feeling that Annie Hardy is really just parodying North Hollywood girls. Keep in mind, this is just my uneducated guess and I could be totally wrong, but I doubt that her talking about getting her stomach pumped with Rod Stewart, seeing dicks everywhere, and being so bored of boys that she’s decided to fuck bears is really a serious hip hop endeavor. If you can get past that, then it’s a pretty enjoyable track.

The track serves as a precursor to Pink Mountiantops new LP, Get Back, which is set to be released April 29th. Speaking about the album, Steve McBean has said it was influenced by “Alleys, curbs, walls, and cigarette-stained gig flyers. An island on the Pacific coast. Fake British towns. Slayer posters. The beauty of youth. It’s about listening to ‘Driver’s Seat’ and ‘Guns of Brixton’ and hotboxing The Duster.”  Sounds like my kind of album. The band is also playing Austin Psych Fest so they might be a band I need to catch. Anyways, quit being weird about it and give the track a listen below.

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