Brody Dalle is Back and Flying Solo

While I’m a bigger fan of her husband’s, Josh Homme, musical output, I’ve always kept an ear to the ground for whatever Brody Dalle does. The Distillers weren’t my thing, but Spinnerette had more than a couple of great tunes and I really dig her style. She’s something that’s been lost or faded out in the past couple of years: a punk girl who can be sexy. I’m not even talking about her looks (but she is a babe and a half…please don’t kill me, Josh), but rather, in her music, she knows just when to be seductive with her vocals, but  when the time’s right, she knows just when to kick you in the face with a sick riff. With that in mind, I have been following the process of her solo album that’s been in the works since 2012 and was eagerly awaiting to see what she had up her sleeve. Yesterday, she gave us a taste of what’s to come with the song “Meet the Foetus/Oh the Joy.” She pulls a Beatles by combining two songs into one; personally, I like the “Oh the Joy” part best because that’s the Brody I like: the punk girl who can howl. Listen for yourself below.

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