Spiritualized Debut “Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song)”

J. Spacemen and his hired guns that make up the current incarnation of junkie-space-rockers known as Spiritualized are currently gearing up to play their classic album Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re Floating in Space in its entirety in LA over the next two nights. Aside from that, apparently there’s more going on over at the Spiritualized home base. A new track has emerged from the band, “Always Forgetting With You (Bridge Song)” under the credit of Spiritualized “Mississippi Space Program.” Not sure what that’s all about, but the song is pretty cool. It’s a bit of a stereotypical Spiritualized song, in that it’s pretty floaty and out-there with hints of feedback trying to break through while J. Spacemen croons about trying to make everything okay. Like I said, a bit stereotypical for the band, but it’s still a decent track and really, can you ever have too much Spiritualized? Didn’t think so. The song is supposed to be part of a compilation called Space Project, which is due out on Record Store Day (April 19th), but you can hear it even sooner. Give it a listen below and let yourself temporarily float away.

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