The Growlers Debut “Humdrum Blues” Video

I’m reaching the point where I’m starting to get burnt out on this band again. Don’t get me wrong, they rule and if you haven’t listened to them yet, you’re making an incredibly stupid decision. But, having been a consistent fan since about 2010 and hearing practically everything they’ve put out since then (I know, I’m trying to show off my street cred so fuck off, dissenters), I think I’ve reached the threshold with the band for now. However, with that disclosed, I do think this new tune/video that’s been recently dropped is pretty good. Lines like “and she’s tired of my reasons/she’s so tired of my broke-ass life/and I understand her reasons..” imposed over videos of tour life seem to hit closer to home than most videos I’ve seen before. It might be the most personal I’ve heard these dudes be before. And while I’m taking a break from them after this video so I can still appreciate the band, that shouldn’t stop you from appreciating them now. Give it a watch below.

Humdrum Blues – The Growlers

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