Tinariwen – “Toumast Tincha”

I had no idea who these dudes were but for the past week, they’ve been getting plugs from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and others. So I did some light research (as in I Wikipedia’d their asses) and found their backstory to be really fascinating. These dudes are from the desert. And I don’t mean somewhere out West like Arizona or California – I’m talking about the Middle East, motherfuckers. Formed in 1979, the band is based out of Mali and founded by a group of people with ties to the Tuareg rebel community. Because of the shit conditions that they live in, these guys had to basically build their own instruments and recording studio in order to record the protest songs they wrote while training to be apart of a rebel army. I’m not going to summarize what Wikipedia said, because that’s kinda dumb, so instead, if you want their full backstory, click HERE. Anyways, back to the tunes. The band has just put out their 7th album, Emmaar, which is the Tuareg word for “the heat on the breeze.” While I haven’t gotten the album yet, I have seen the video for the single, “Toumast Tincha.” And now, you can too.

Honestly, the music isn’t anything mind-blowing (to me at least), but the story is so compelling that I can’t help but be impressed. Read the story, watch the video below and then make up your own damn mind.

Toumast Tincha – Tinariwen

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