Penicillin Baby Are Going To Take Over the World

photo by Eddie Hade

While the internet has been a God send in that it allows any band to put out their music, it’s has one aching flaw: it allows ANY band to put their music out there. We’re talking about the insincere ones: the ones who do it so they don’t have to work day jobs; the ones who do it on the off chance that they’ll get to fuck Taylor Swift and be the one she writes another trite album about; the ones who do it because they think holding a guitar and banging out tunes about friends, beer, and pizza will ultimately land them in the same boat as the washed-ups in Weezer. We all know the bunch and we all know that they oversaturate the game so much, that you have to rot your teeth chewing through all the sugar-coated bullshit to find filet mignon. Penicillin Baby is one of the exceptions. In fact, compared to all of the shit that’s put out there faster than McDonalds shits out Big Macs, Penicillin Baby seems like a five-star gourmet meal.

You know these guys. I’ve ranted about them before, but alas, sometimes my unsolicited advice and unhumble opinion falls on deaf ears. It happens, but it shouldn’t, because what I’m pimping here is soon to be the next big thing. Fuck all of those bands that Spin jerks off for a month and then dumps in the dumpster like used condoms at a brothel. Penicillin Baby has something all of those bands would dream to have: hits. Correction: Penicillin Baby has A LOT of hits. Almost one after the other. How do I know this? Because my close association with the band has allowed me to preview some of the songs off of their upcoming LP. Let me tell you kids, from the songs I’ve heard, this band shits hits. Even in their demo-infancy, I feel like I’m listening to a greatest hits compilation. Keep in mind, this is a band that hasn’t even put out a real physical release yet (and cassettes don’t count because this isn’t the fucking 80’s anymore), but they’re already stacked with hits. But that’s set to change VERY soon. After signing with Jeffery Drag Records, the band is gearing up to make 2014 their bitch. With the release of “Private School Kids” via iTunes and the accompanying entrancing video (shown below), this is ground zero. And I don’t say this because I’m friends with them. I say this because I believe in the music. I believe that it will take them beyond local fame. I believe that in the very imminent future, people will realize that this is more than just a good band; one where you do more than “like just a couple of songs” or go see because they “put on a good live show.” I think this is the start of something great. I think this band will take over the world. And once the tunes hit your eardrums and the sounds imprint themselves so far into your brain that you begin to walk to the beat of their songs, you’ll realize that this is something special. This is a great rock n roll band.

But enough from me. Let’s let the band speak for themselves. I sat down with Pen Baby’s Jon Conant, the man behind the band’s wall of sound, to discuss the release. Here’s what he had to say:

What’s the experience of signing with Jeffery Drag Records?

Jon Conant: I couldn’t be more happy with a label choice. I’ve thought for a long time that they are one of the coolest labels around and they’ve worked with some of my favorite bands so it was an easy choice when they came calling. They are in a unique position that not a lot of indies have, with the help from Frenchkiss Label Group. They are really in a position to make an impact and they have the resources at hand to help a young band like us really make a splash.

From what I understand, they’ve signed you up for a digital single, a 7″ single, and an LP. They seem to be investing a lot in you and your music. Do you think they have a lot of confidence in the record? 

JC: Initially we were just talking about doing the digital single, but very quickly they decided that a 7″ and LP were the direction they wanted to go and we couldn’t be more thrilled. I think that shows that they have confidence in the songs we write and they truly believe that we can be something more than a good Nashville band. They’ve hooked us up with producer Lincoln Parish who has already recorded our 7″ and is set to do the full length as well. We definitely plan on expanding our sound in the upcoming releases and Lincoln will be a big part of that. We’ve been working on a ton of new songs recently and can’t wait for the world to hear them.

You’ve got a couple of tours coming up. Without leaking too many of the important details, can you tell us where you guys intend to hit?

JC: We’re doing a small run at the end of this month and planning a lot of good stuff for the summer.

Feb 27 – Memphis, TN

Feb 28 – Springfield, MO

Mar 1 – Columbus, MO

Mar 2 – Bowling Green, KY

What are the songs about?

JC: Private School Kids is basically about calling out poser types and people who are spoiled and don’t appreciate it. Kind of like people who pretend to be a certain type of person in some lame attempt to portray a carefully constructed image. The chorus kind of takes on the voice of one of these types and says “hey, look at me / I’m a self made man / I did it on my own / while my mommy held my hand. ” Morning Time is along those same lines but kind of just encouraging people to be kind of rebellious. The end of the song says ” won’t do what you want me to / I’ll never have to listen to you”. People these days are so bombarded with bullshit all the time and they let that shape their lifestyle. I’m just trying to get people to ignore the bullshit. Thats a pretty common theme in my writing.

How did the Private School Kids video come about?

JC: Justin Landis (the director/frontman of Western Medication) had a huge hand in that video. He basically took a lot of really simple footage and composed into something that is incredibly interesting and that was all on him. He spent a ton of time drawing and cutting images and really putting his touch on it which is exactly what we wanted. We’re already working on our next video with him now.

Why are Penicillin Baby important?

JC: It’s a tad egotistical to sit here and tell someone why I’m important. I can tell you that there’s a lot of crap out there that is definitely not important. We strive to make music that is interesting and unique. We strive to be creative in all forms and make people think. To me, those things are important and they should be the focus of what is considered good.

If people could take away one thing from your music, what would it be? 

JC: My advice would be to let the music take you somewhere. That’s what its all about right? Escape. People consume music and media as an escape from reality, because it mostly blows.

Thanks Jon! And without further ado, I give you Penicillin Baby’s video for “Private School Kids.”

Private School Kids – Penicillin Baby

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