Dum Dum Girls – Rimbaud Eyes

I haven’t talked about Dum Dum Girls for a while, cause I really just haven’t had much interest. It’s not that I didn’t like them – I always thought they were cool people (especially Malia James, who aside from being a babe and a half, has shot some cool photos and videos for BRMC, Surfer Blood, and Dum Dum Girls themselves), I just thought their counterparts, Crocodiles, were a better band. The last album of theirs I gave a chance to was the one released in 2011, and it just didn’t have any songs that stuck. But I decided to check out their new album, Too True, and it quickly became one of my favorite records I’ve heard this year so far. I mean goddamn did these ladies stocked the fuck up on pop hooks since the last time I heard them! Take this track for example, “Rimbaud Eyes.” It’s got so many hints of good 80’s synth pop soaked into it, I keep checking the speakers to see if there’s cocaine coming out of them. Looks like I might have to check out their show at the Exit/In on March 18th after all. Give the track a listen below, along with another favorite of mine, “Under These Hands.” Then go buy the album.

Rimbaud Eyes – Dum Dum Girls

Under These Hands – Dum Dum Girls

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