The Horrors Ready New Album “Luminous”

I’m a casual fan of this band. I don’t think everything they write is great, but I dig more than a few tracks. I think I’d dig them more if they didn’t always look like miserable people, but that’s beside the point. But because I’m a casual fan, I didn’t realize that it had been 3 years since their last album. Even the fact that they’re playing Austin Psych Fest (a line up I studied because it’s the first decent festival I’ll have gone to in about 4 years) didn’t ring that bell for me neither. It wasn’t until they dropped their new track “I See You” that I realized it was about that time. And sure enough, these UK goths (though they’ve toned that down a lot recently) are lining up a new release for May 6th calledĀ Luminous. If you haven’t heard the new track, I’ve posted the lyric video below. My 2 cents? Like a lot of the band’s songs, it runs about 2 minutes over the mark (unless your name is J. Spaceman, it’s hard for you to pull off a song past the 7+ minute song), but I still think it’s pretty good. I’ll definitely catch their set at Austin Psych Fest.

I See You – the Horrors

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