The Gorlons Release Their Debut Self-Titled LP

The Gorlons hail from Springfield, MO. I’ve never been there, but I haven’t been too impressed by the musical output from there. Actually, that’s Missouri in general. Even when I lived in STL for a year, there were barely any local bands that didn’t make me check my ears consistently for blood. So yeah, I might be prejudiced towards Midwest bands. Sue me.

The Gorlons aren’t like that though. These dudes can write a little something called SONGS. It’s evident from their self-titled debut. Clocking in at just under 35 minutes, it’s not much of a mystery that these dudes don’t do “slow” too often. The album is made up of attitude-heavy riffs, head-nodding beats, and fuzzed tones, all while laced with a decent coat of psychedelic organ melodies. Shake all that up and throw it in the same room and I’d imagine that the inevitable explosion would result in the Gorlons. That’s not to say that they don’t do slow songs too though; the third track “Head Cage” sounds like audio codeine and just like regular codeine, it fucking rules.

The whole thing is available on the band’s bandcamp right now. You can give it a listen, download it, or pick up a CD/cassette below. Have at it, kids.

Oh, one last sidenote: isn’t the cover of this thing pretty fucking cool too?

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