PUJOL Announces New Album “Kludge,” Premieres New Single “Pitch Black”

It’s only been 2 years since his last major release, but it feels like we’ve been overdue for some new PUJOL for quite a bit now. I’ll chalk that up to the fact that since I’ve been a fan, he’s always been in the process of putting out one LP/EP/Single after another, so for him, a 2 year break from any substantial output (that single for Record Store Day 2013 doesn’t really count) is a bit abnormal. Well, it looks like during this time, he’s been tucked away recording a fresh batch of self-aware punk rock.  The result of these recordings is (as he describes) “a cartoon nightmare” that has manifested itself on this new record, KLUDGE.  He also took a moment to debut the track “Pitch Black.” Needless to say, it’s a PUJOL song: catchy, clever lyrics, and a feeling that it’s seeking an understanding that it knows it might never find. For a better description, I’ll just quote Pujol himself: “It’s about someone so alienated by contemporary language and communication he/she surveys old matinee movies on their lunch break and cries.” Heavy. You can check out his more in-depth description of the record over on VICE.  KLUDGE is due out on May 20th via Saddle Creek Records. Peep the tracklist and the song below. You can pre-order the album from Saddle Creek’s site right HERE. PUJOL is also playing (in my unhumble opinion) the only show worth going to on Nashville’s Dead’s Freakin Weekend this Thursday at the End. Might need to check that out.

KLUDGE track list

1. Judas Booth

2. Manufactured Crisis Control

3. Pitch Black

4. Circles

5. Dark Haired Suitor

6. Post Grad

7. Sacred Harp BFK

8. No Words

9. Spooky Scary

10. Small World

11. Youniverse

One Response to “PUJOL Announces New Album “Kludge,” Premieres New Single “Pitch Black””
  1. whiterabbit says:

    i feel like someone just threw kludge on my shoes, yuck.

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