The War on Drugs Debut Video for “Red Eyes”

My friends always rave about this band, but I guess I’ve never given them a proper chance. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s the name. No matter how you phrase it, saying that I like the War on Drugs in any capacity just doesn’t seem to be in my nature. I know, they’re two separate entities and it’s a little thing in the grand scheme, but if we’re supposed to abide by the idea that the little things make you happy, then shouldn’t the little things also get you hung up? Food for thought and that has nothing to do with this music video.

Anyways, I gave this music video a view and I actually liked it a lot. It’s the opposite of the real War on Drugs in that it’s cool and pretty thoughtful. I’ll release you from my rambling and let you make up your own damn mind below. Their new album, Lost the Dream, is due out on March 18th. I might have to pick it up and give these guys a proper chance. If anyone knows of any other LP’s by these dudes I should check out, lemme know in the comment section.

Red Eyes – the War on Drugs

One Response to “The War on Drugs Debut Video for “Red Eyes””
  1. JG says:

    ‘slave ambient’ and ‘future weather’ are both fucking great.

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