Tristen Does Television’s “See No Evil”

I’m a good couple of weeks late on this one but it’s not my fault. I got caught up the week it came out, and just forgot to post it until just now. Okay, it might be 10% my fault, but that’s being generous. Anyways, you probably know by now that Television, the band the Strokes has made a career of covering, is coming to Marathon Music Works at the end of the month and since I’m this late, you probably know that Tristen is opening that show. And if you know that, you probably have heard that Tristen put out a cover of “See No Evil” soon after it was announced that she was doing the gig. And if you’re sitting there, nodding your head, and thinking, “no shit, Sherlock. This is old news,” well fuck you, buddy – you were also probably the kid in high school who thought he was real cool or smart because he turned in his test way before everyone else.

BUT, if you’re not one of those condescending pricks and you genuinely haven’t heard it or have heard it before and you just want to hear it again, I give you Tristen’s excellent cover. It doesn’t stray too far from the original, but Tristen adds her charm to it. Dig in.

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