The Black Angels Ready New EP for Record Store Day

It’s been a little over a month since I saw the Black Angels with the legendary Roky Erickson. Honestly, it’s probably my favorite show of the year so far next to Angel Olsen. It was great not only to see Roky, the pioneer who survived getting shot by arrows, play live but to see the transition. After Roky killed it, the Black Angels came out and put on one of their best shows I’ve seen; it was almost like Roky passed the torch onto them and they carry the flame now. Brings it all full circle. Anyways, excuse the rant. Before I see them again at Austin Psych Fest, it looks like they have plans to put out a new EP on Record Store Day. It’s called Clear Lake Forest and to give us a preview, they’ve shared the track “Diamond Eyes.” The band has never shied away from the fact that they wear their love for the Velvet Underground on their sleeves, and this song is no exception. Give it a listen below and fight your local hipsters to get the real deal on April 19th.

Diamond Eyes – the Black Angels

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