The Brian Jonestown Massacre Announce New Album, Premiere “What You Isn’t” Track

I’m gonna keep this short and let the music do the talking. We’ve known for just a little bit that the Brian Jonestown Massacre are preparing a new record and appearing at Austin Psych Fest (when that was rumored, I bought my tickets like someone had just discounted cocaine). But now we have even more info. The album, Revelation, is due out on May 19th. Now, we not only have the release date, but also the track listing as well as a new tune, “What You Isn’t.” In the spirit of keeping it short, it’s uplifting as fuck and my favorite thing I’ve heard in a while. Give it a listen below and preorder to the album here. It’s good to have ya back, Anton (even if you didn’t disappear for far too long).


1. Vad Hände Med Dem?
2. What You Isn’t
3. Unknown
4. Memory Camp
5. days, weeks and moths
6. Duck and Cover
7. Food For Clouds
8. Second Sighting
9. Memorymix
10. Fist Full Of Bees
11. Nightbird
12. Xibalba
13. Goodbye (Butterfly)

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