New Wave Rebellion Stage CD Release Show at 12th and Porter

If you have nothing to do on a Monday night, it looks like newcomers New Wave Rebellion are going to try to make their mark this week at the prestigious 12th and Porter. On March 31st, the band is due to drop their new album, Transmogrification, and to celebrate, they’re bringing out their self proclaimed “Sex Rock” with “Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter on Steriods” style with bands like Maty Noyes and Montezuma Fire Machine. Goodie. Peep the press release below and check it out.

A CD release party will be held 3/31/2014 @ 12th and Porter in Nashville, TN. New Wave Rebellion will be joined by special guest Maty Noyes, and Montezuma Fire Machine. Doors will open at eight with music starting at nine.  Admission to the show will be $5.00.

Transmogrification is a combination of the bands many styles. While the band classifies themselves as the masters of “Sex Rock”, the tracks will take you from the blues to hip hop to good old fashioned Rock and Roll.

For those who have never attended a NWR show before lead singer Joshua Rawlings will take you on an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter on Steroids ride that you will never forget. From imaginary (?) people who live on the tip of his nose to the bitches in clown noses, you will try but never stay ahead of the madness before you.

Listed cuts on the CD include

That’s the ticket

Spinach Factory

OK Just Fine

So Strung


Yes Sir

Catch 22

Diamond Ring

Loose on the Tracks

Booking Information for New Wave Rebellion is available at

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